Save On Your Cell Phone Bill…And Give Back

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about RG’s partnership with Save.Love.Give to support their efforts to empower women through microfinance…while also saving you money by reducing your wireless waste.

Seriously, it is so easy. Within moments after plugging in my cell phone number, I discovered that I could save $24.99 every single month (that’s a screenshot of my results, above).

NightLine Investigates Cell Phone Overspending

One thing to remember: VERA doesn’t actually make the change for you…they provide you with the information that you’ll need to make the change, and then (if you choose) notify your provider on your behalf. Some providers may make the changes that VERA suggested after asking you to simply confirm your identity, while others will require you to take the additional step of making the changes either by phone or by visiting their website.

If you have any questions or need any assistance using the tool, visit their support page (their CEO is personally monitoring the page and responding to questions, so you’re sure to get the information that you need).


Also, remember to follow the Save.Love.Give Pinterest page and the Ramshackle Glam Pinterest page…because we’re about to launch a contest where the winner will score an all-expenses paid trip to Costa Rica. (Yes, you heard me right.) I’ll announce the start of the contest on my FB page and Twitter, so be sure to follow those to stay up-to-date, as well.

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