Gift Ideas: For The Little Ones

Gift Ideas: For The Little Ones

1. This antique-y tea set (complete with sugar dish and teapot) is exactly what I wanted to own when I was a little girl. Exactly.

2. Our friends gave Indy the Playskool Rocktivity Walk ‘n’ Roll Rider for his birthday, and he is obsessed (as you can see). So are we, mostly because the thing plays Reel to Real (“I Like To Move It”) and Smashmouth (“Walking On The Sun”)…and occasionally yells out “Yeah, man! Cool!” Which is hysterical.

3. Indy also owns this Skylar Luna Stripe Pajama Set in red and green, and it’s the cutest (and coziest) thing ever: great quality, great fit, great gift for a boy or a girl.

4. Blocks are a classic gift that any kid will love, and this handmade Alice & Wonderland set (discovered on Etsy) is also a beautiful, unique collectible.

5. A first tooth box?! Too cute. Can’t stand it.

6. The Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm is another one of Indy’s favorite toys, and a total must-have: it’s great for a wide range of ages, and will give parents a nice little nostalgia kick. I mean, who didn’t have a Fisher-Price structure when they were little? I had a castle-y thing that I’m desperate to hunt down on eBay one of these days; Kendrick had the clubhouse pictured above (which Indy has been loving playing with over Thanksgiving weekend at Grandma and Grandpa’s).

7. This is less of a present for kids than for parents, but seriously: the whole line of Green Sprouts storage cubes is so useful. I own these cubes in a ton of different sizes, and pull them into action every single day for storage and travel.

8. The best part of this rocker: it’s a moose. The second-best-part: even though it looks like a charming, hard-to-find antique and is cute enough to leave sitting out in your living room, it’s actually from Ikea. (It’s sold out on their site, but it’s all over eBay.)

  • Julez White

    #6 was a huge hit at our house, with lots of animal noises and a silo that you can stuff full of blocks and other small toys. Most of the animals became stroller ride tag-alongs and bath buddies.

    #8 was a nightmare, literally. The boys loved it until we made the mistake of moving it to their bedroom. When the antlers cast dancing shadows on the wall at night they started having bad dreams about “the flying moose” and did not want anything to do with it or any other moose after that. BUT, adorable, sturdy, easy to put together and fun, absolutely.

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