DIY Baby Haircut

Not too bad, considering the level of grumbling (and chasing) that was involved.

I used to cut my grandma’s hair (she had a similar ‘do), so when it came time to spruce up Indy’s locks for Stephen and Dave’s wedding weekend (he didn’t actually attend the wedding, because, you know: crying + vows = bad…but was meeting a lot of our friends for the first time) I thought, “hey, no problem.”

As it turns out, cutting an 11-month-old’s hair is very, very close to completely freaking impossible.

My strategy: distract him with blinking things while I made the larger chops, and then wait for him to get all exhausted before popping him onto my lap with a bottle to even everything up and do a little layering.

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If you want to feather the ends (in other words, if you don’t want a blunt cut), grab very small sections of hair, pull the sections straight up and twist them into little ropes, and then cut on an angle into the tip of the twist.

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