Arts & Crafts Find (And A Little Mystery)

Last Saturday, in Nyack, we walked into a tiny charity thrift store and found…


I freaked out.

I mean, look at that wood! The seats could use recovering, but I think it’s just the coolest piece.

It’s definitely Arts & Crafts style (the movement that began around the early 1900s and was all about simplicity and visible construction), but to me this looks like a late ’30s/early ’40s piece, dating it towards the later part of the Craftsman period. (Don’t I sound fancy? Don’t faint; I got all this from an extensive Googling session.)

The original tag is still stapled to the underside of the ottoman, and here’s what it says:

“Reg. No. N.Y. 39050

This article is made in compliance with an Act of the Dist of Columbia approved July 3, 1926; Kansas approved March 1923; Minn approved April 24, 1929; N.J. revised statutes 26; 10-6 to 18. La Act 467 – 1948.

Made by Howard Furniture Mfg, Co.

Starkville, Mississippi”

I’m kind of interested in whether it’s a valuable piece (not that it matters, because I love it either way…I’m just interested), and fascinated with what it’s history might be, if it’s part of a larger collection…all that.

So I thought I’d post it here and see if it rang any bells for anyone.

…Any ideas?

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