Snakes & Stripes & Suspicions Of Spring

I can totally feel Spring coming.

Or…at least for most of last week I could feel it coming (it hit the high ’50s in NYC).

Which is why I made the executive decision to run all over town on Saturday wearing…


I was a little chilly.

But hey, I stayed pretty positive about it. (Mostly because my chivalrous husband handed over his sweater to layer under my jacket.)

We were doing a little shooting down in Chinatown (you’ll see the fruits of our spoils…or labors of our…whatever…in just a few weeks), but in the course of our travels we came across a park that I used to go to all the time when I was a little girl. Back in those days the vibe was much more Possible Criminal Activity than Pop Art (Hell’s Kitchen was a scary place in the early ’80s), but it was great to see how much the Neighborhood Commission has fixed the place up. It made me happy.


Product info after the jump.

On me: Peacoat c/o Elie Tahari, H&M shirt and shorts, Forever 21 belt, Rebecca Minkoff purse, GANT sunglasses, vintage necklace, earrings c/o The2Bandits, Shoemint shoes.

Get The Look: 

1. Rosita Bonita Horseshoe Necklace ($116)

2. Elli’s Cabinet Set Of 2 Striped Shirts ($42)

3. Pull And Bear Sailor Shorts (26 EUR; or try these, which come in multiple colors)

4. Shoemint heels

  • guest

    Did you buy the shoes from shoemint, or were they a gift?  Is the snakeskin stamped on, and how comfy were they?

  • jordanreid

    shoemint sponsored a giveaway that i ran earlier this month, but i bought that pair of shoes. the snakeskin is stamped on, and they’re VERY comfortable.

  • Daantaat

    Girls here in Seoul wear shorts and tights and heels all winter long, along with huge infinity scarves, sweaters and short (hip length) winter coats and they always looks so stylish. I think this looks really cute on you because you have such nice slim legs. It definitely takes lean legs to make it look classy and stylish, though.