Lifebooker: $3 Manicures For Ramshackle Glam Readers

Want your nails to look as pretty as this?

Oh, they’ll look much prettier, I’m sure. Because while I’m fairly puffed-up about my DIY manicure skills…sometimes there’s just nothing like handing your digits over to a professional.

My lovely friend and partner in Wasabi Lobby-ing, Anna, just started working as the Executive Editor at beauty, health & fitness deal site Lifebooker, and offered to give a special deal to my readers.


I mean, that’s a cheap freaking manicure.

To take advantage of the deal, available at YUVA Salon (which has locations in both the Financial District and Herald Square; apologies to non-NYCers – I’ll see what we can do about making some similar deals available for other citydwellers), just click this link (it’s easy and quick). The treatment includes cuticle care, nail shaping and cleaning, hand massage, and polish application using one of 100 shades.

And! Once you buy the manicure (only 200 are available, so chop chop), you’re automatically entered to win $100 to use on Lifebooker any way you want. And this offer is only available to RG readers, so your chances of winning are quite excellent.

Have fun! Go get a manicure for me.

And thank you, Anna!



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