In The Feathers & The Leaves

Fall style, to me, is all about shopping your closet and rediscovering those great pieces that you totally forgot that you owned. And that goes double when you’ve spent the last many months pregnant – you get to rediscover things like buttons. And zippers that zip. It’s super fun.

As it turns out, though…I sort of wear the same kinds of things all year ’round, regardless of the season or my gestational state. Enormously oversized tops. Sunglasses. Too much jewelry. Jeans. So we’re not exactly talking a sartorial revolution, but still: while rotating out my summer stuff and bringing in the wintry wardrobe, I did manage to unearth some exciting pieces. Here, I mixed them into the rotation with a bunch of great staples that work throughout the year.

For four posts spaced over the next month, I’ve partnered up with Italian shoe designer Geox to explore different ways to play with their women’s line: dressing them up, dressing them down, and hitting all the grey zones in between. The line has been in the US for some time now, but in the F/W 2011 collection they really stepped things up style-wise, taking the function and comfort that the line is known for (like a sole that exhales heat and humidity, allowing perspiration out while repelling water) and moving them into fashionable, on-trend territory.

Look 1

This coat is definitely a piece that I haven’t sprung from my closet in quite some time – but I guess that’s mostly because…it’s a coat. And…you know…it’s been summer. But the point is that it’s awesome, and I completely forgot I had it, and I’m all about it now (bonus: it was $9 at Value Village, in Canada).

When incorporating menswear elements into a look, I like going as classic as possible with the rest of the outfit…and you don’t get more classic than a white button-down, skinny jeans, the perfect black bag, and a pair of go-with-everything ankle boots. Add a bit of bedhead and a brooch for some feminine sensuality, and you’re good for a day of shopping or a casual dinner with friends.

Look 2

Oof, do I ever love this dress.

I bought it as a splurge at Intermix many years ago, and while I sorta panicked about the price at the time, it was one of those purchases that turn out to be worth it when you take the whole amortization thing into account: I wear it in all seasons, adding tights and a blazer in fall and winter, and it seems to never quite go out of style if paired with the right accessories. Here, I mixed in my favorite feathery hat, a silky blazer, sparkly earrings, a gorgeous bag with a sightly sporty feel to it, and soft suede platform booties.

Look 3

Yup, that’s it: Bellbottoms. Bracelets. Chilly shoulders.

But these boots, I have to say: new favorites. Geox is known for their comfortable shoes, but even so: I cannot believe that heels this high (certainly high enough to make walking around for an entire day feel less-than-wonderful) can feel so freaking dreamy. And they’re so cute! And sturdy. And I just can’t say enough fantastic things about them. But they haven’t left my feet since they arrived, so I’ll have plenty more opportunities in the future to wax rhapsodic, I’m sure.

Full product info for each look after the jump.

Look 1: Vintage coat, vintage brooch, Theory blouse, Seven For All Mankind skinny jeans, Guess sunglasses, Jet Set tote c/o Foley & Corinna, TJ Maxx gloves, Geox Marian boots.

Look 2: Nieves Lavi dress, TopShop blazer, Saks Fifth Avenue hat, Hanes Silk Reflections Blackout Coverage tights, earrings c/o Dana Kellin for Target, Juicy Couture sunglasses, Brickel satchel c/o Alexandra Satine, Geox Alessia boots.

Look 3: H&M sweater and scarf, TJ Maxx headband, Urban Outfitters sunglasses, Juicy Couture jeans via TJ Maxx, Selene’s Dangles earrings c/o Swati Jr* Jewelry, Sisco Berluti beaded bracelets, Lulu’s leather wrap bracelet, chloe + isabel silver bangles, watch c/o Sasha Rhett, Kenneth Cole camera bag, Geox Trish boots.

Geox is a sponsor of Ramshackle Glam.

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