Best-Ever Black Tights: Hanes Blackout

Yes yes, patterned tights are trendy and all, but everyone needs a great pair of black tights, and I’m here to tell you that these are the ones you need. It is a fact. You need to get them.

Hanes Blackout Tights are the BEST EVER, and I am someone who is very, very picky about her black tights (being as I wear them constantly in the fall and winter with shorts, dresses and skirts). Incredibly comfortable, the perfect rise (low, but not so low they fall down), and totally opaque coverage without any associated fabric heaviness.

  • I’m the pickiest too – have you tried Commando? They’re expensive but soo worth it!

    • Anonymous

      i haven’t! i don’t know that i’ve even heard of them. but i’ll check it out – good tights make such a difference.

  • Jen

    but jordan! the shopping website shows them as sheer-ish! i neeeeeeeeed to find MATTE  & OPAQUE options.

    • Anonymous

      shoot shoot!! they’re super-opaque, i swear…but they do look sheer in that link. hm. try this one:

  • I have always worn Donna Karan but I am always on the look out for something new. These tights sound like they would work with my long denim skirts as well as the short ones too.

  • Emma

    Cool, I have actually been looking for some new ones!

  • Kate

    I LIVE in tights, especially black ones, from Fall to early spring. You’ve sole me, I’m buying 2 pairs.

    • Anonymous

      yay! you’ll love them. i also bought the thigh-highs, which are equally great and actually stay where you want them, which is pretty remarkable.

  • molly

    I LOVE Hanes tights. They’re so much better and more comfortable than the expensive versions!

  • Jess

    Where can I get some?!