Sparkle And Flair

Happy September!

(Can you believe it’s September?)

I’m thrilled to say hey to autumn this year, for pretty obvious reasons (sixweekssixweekscan’twait!!!). But, you know, welcoming new life into the world aside, I’m also psyched about fall for totally superficial reasons, including…clothing. There’s just nothing like fall fashion – there are so many great ways to play in your closet. Adding sweaters to summer dresses, layering tights under shorts, pulling out the feathers and hats and scarves and jewel tones that have been languishing in your closet these past few months…so fun, so fun.

The second crisper air arrives, the very first thing I do is break out the jeans (because I love jeans, but I can’t stand wearing them when it’s even the slightest bit hot out). This fall I’m planning on alternating between big, big bellbottoms and stretchy skinnies, and I picked up this bright blue version of the latter style in Canada a couple of weeks ago for $19.

Speaking of jeans: I got a question from reader Rachael a week or so ago asking what brands I recommend for affordable skinnies…and honestly? When it comes to bootcut/bellbottom jeans I think that fit is so crucial that I tend to skew more expensive…but with skinnies, as long as you go for a style with a little stretch to them they’re very forgiving, so I just scour the racks at places like TJ Maxx (or Winners, in Canada) for twenty-dollar versions (especially ones in bright colors, or styles with interesting details like these zippered ankles). And then come summer I cut them into shorts…because they were twenty dollars.

Now, the best part of fall: cozy things. Sweaters. Scarves. Ponchos.

Ponchos are a lovely way to handle transitional weather generally, but are especially lovely for pregnancy purposes: with only a few weeks left to go, I don’t want to pick up any big-ticket items (like coats) that I won’t be able to wear afterwards, and a poncho (this one is lightweight jersey with leather detailing and a hood, from Foley & Corinna) is a perfect solution: the loose, swingy fit means that it’ll keep me warm now, but will still look good post-baby arrival.

Can I please go pick some pumpkins in this thing ASAP? Preferably while drinking cider and walking through fallen leaves. With a cinnamon roll in hand.

Also: I must mention how much I love my new pin (that’s the one I bought in Canada for two bucks). I’ve decided to wear it anywhere and everywhere save for my lapel.

On me: Vintage jewelry, Kendrick’s sunglasses, Rebecca Minkoff clutch, boots c/o Giles Deacon for Nine West, Zoa New York sparkle tank, Blank NYC skinny jeans, jersey poncho c/o Foley & Corinna.

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