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Q. Hi Jordan,

I’m doing a Broadway show that will be opening soon and I am moving into my dressing room. As a former actor yourself, I’m sure you know that this is a pretty bleak room right now. I don’t have a ton of space but I DO have some room to try to make this my home away from home.

I’m trolling the internet for some design ideas and inexpensive ways to make it look really great. Any tips?



A. Hey Nikki!

First: CONGRATS! That’s awesome.

Now, your dressing room. Since you need to stay relaxed and focused pre-show, my priority would be to create a cozy, calm atmosphere by filling the room with calming textures and scents.

– Since there may be fire code issues, I’d suggest a reed diffuser instead of candles.

– You’ll need bright light around your makeup table, but see if you can install a dimmer for the overhead light.

– Layering a ton of different textures is an easy way to create a cozy atmosphere: throw a couple of soft throws on the couch (or chair…whatever you have) and put down a simple – but very plush – throw rug.

Above: Urban Outfitters Thick Wool Shag Rug ($129); Think Green Cotton Throw ($29.99); Nest Bamboo Reed Diffuser ($34); Anthropologie Crest & Fall Pillow ($98).

Next: since the space is small, you’ll need to keep it relatively well-organized if you want to maintain a relaxing vibe.

– Try keeping your makeup brushes in vintage jars or empty glass votive holders (above), and if your makeup table doesn’t have a drawer, pick up a pretty storage box.

– You might also want to invest in a pretty ottoman that has storage space inside: you can stash scripts, books, and a blanket in the ottoman, plus use it as extra seating when you have guests.

Above: Urban Outfitters Jewelry Box ($39); Storage Ottoman ($69).

Finally, try calling a couple of old standbys into action: plants and mirrors. Both really do add light and airiness to a small, windowless room – I have a couple of faux purple flowers in a graphic black-and-white vase sitting on my bedroom windowsill, and it adds so much color and interest to the space (you can see it here). Try grouping a bunch of vintage mirrors along one wall, or setting an oversized vase filled with brightly colored faux flowers on the floor next to your dressing table.

Break a leg!



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