Look What Just Came In The Mail!

My new glasses!

Yes, they’re exactly the same as my old ones.

But those old ones went MIA, so I re-ordered…only to discover said old ones under the bed (I blame Virgil). So now I have two pairs of identical glasses, but since they cost just $9.95 each (plus another $4 or so for anti-glare lenses), this is not a problem. In fact, I’m quite pleased with the situation, because I can leave one pair by my desk and one pair by my bed, and should Virgil decide to kidnap a pair again, I will still be able to see! Yay.

This is the other pair I ordered. Jury’s still out on them (they’re a little small for my face…and I wish I had ordered anti-reflective coating on these, too), but they were $12.95, so even if they don’t end up in constant rotation, it’s no biggie.

I love Zenni Optical, a company that I first discovered when I was approached to write a sponsored post for them several months ago (subsequent mentions, including this one, have all been unsponsored, FYI). All you need is your prescription, and you can order prescription eyeglasses starting at $8 (really). I don’t know if they’d be ideal for those with very strong prescriptions, but I’ve been beyond thrilled with all of the glasses I’ve ordered from them (we’re on five pairs now, for a total of about $70).

Disclosure update: The company saw this post and would like to sponsor me again…so welcome, Zenni Optical, as a sponsor of Ramshackle Glam! Thanks for putting out such a truly awesome product.

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