Double The Wardrobe, Double The Love

Originally published on The Gloss.

I am a frequent wearer of everything in my husband’s closet, from his t-shirts to his blazers to, yes, even his underthings (very cozy – and sorta oddly sexy – sleepwear). If you’ve got a willing co-habitant of the male persuasion, I advise you to get rummaging in his drawers: I bet you’ll double your wardrobe in no time at all.

What to steal:

– Obviously any and all white button-down shirts; they can be worn to bed (undeniably sexy, as evidenced by Brigitte Bardot over there) or tied in a knot and paired with denim.

– Ties, worn as un-ironically as possible. They’re tricky, to be sure, but can be quite fab when paired with more feminine pieces (just skip the bow ties: Marlene Dietrich can definitely pull this look off; Playboy Bunnies can kinda pull this look off; mere mortals generally cannot).

– Every t-shirt you can get your hands on (extra points if you can get permission to cut the neck out, thereby transforming the thing into one of my favorite articles of clothing ever: the off-the-shoulder top).

– And yes, like I said, even the underwear drawer is fair game; I’m partial to boxer briefs myself, but as long as we’re in recently-laundered territory, I love it all.

What to steer clear of:

– Socks. Men (or, OK, people) have enough trouble holding onto those things as it is; they don’t need you squirreling them away to make their sockless lives even harder.

And guys: sorry, double standard. Even if you find yourself coveting your lady’s wardrobe, you need to exercise more care with your borrowing habits. If I come home and discover that you’ve stretched out my La Perlas, I will be extremely displeased.

  • katiechasm

    I was at American Apparel today (don't judge me) and the cashier's outfit was, in its entirety, a sheer white men's shirt. The 'Brigitte Bardot in menswear' look is good; visible vag outline is not.

    • jordanreid

      Lol. Agreed. And no judgment re: American Apparel…I (shamefully) own a couple of their sweatshirts.

  • I think your Katherine Hepburn pic is actually Marlene Dietrich! (Both, obviously, fashion inspirations.)

    • jordanreid

      Oh, dear – you're right! Need a job as a proofreader? 😉

  • Francine25

    I wear my man's boxers whenever I stay over at his place, with nothing else. He's a fan of the look.

    • jordanreid


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