Introducing: Project Jenny

You may recognize Jenn from seeing her around these parts from time to time, but I wanted to take a moment to officially introduce her. She’s been working in the marketing department of DailyCandy for a few years now, and recently decided to break out on her own. Her new blog, Project Jenny, chronicles her journey while she figures out what it is that she truly wants to do (a journey I’m sure lots of you can relate to), and I encourage you to check it out. She’s also going to be doing some fashion-centric correspondence for RG going forward, so let’s give her a warm welcome!

Go HERE to read about some of Jenn’s top NYC-area foodie spots, and HERE to learn about her favorite warm-weather wine (it’s my favorite, too!).

Also, head over to the Community to read all about Jenn’s favorite summer beauty product. I’m totally sold on it.

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