Spring Cleaning Resolutions

It’s Spring Cleaning time Chez Us, and I’m in full mania mode. Something about spring makes me absolutely require everything to be sparklingly clean and beautiful-smelling…which is a bit of a challenge when one lives in a relatively small space with a 28-year-old man and two dogs. Just sayin’.

I’m not the most careful housekeeper – I try, but I could definitely do better – so I figured that now is a perfect time for me to make some resolutions for the coming year (much more up my alley than New Years’ Resolutions, which I think are depressing).

1. Minimize clutter. I never want to spend money on storage vessels, but I find that the less stuff you have out and about, the better. This means investing in pretty containers…which aren’t all that expensive, really. Just not as much fun as a trip to Forever21. (Tip: if you can get your local vintner to hand some over, old wine crates make lovely – and free! – storage containers.)

2. Keep my kitchen cabinets organized. Since we just have a few very large, high-up shelves, I think a neat idea would be to buy a few pretty trays, and organize things on them by category (spices on one tray, baking supplies on another, etc). That way I can just pull out a tray and select what I need, rather than rummaging through huge piles of god-knows-what.

3. Do something about the damn bathroom. It’s the size of a postage stamp, and the medicine cabinet is the size of a thimble. Our stuff is spread out across all three inches of counter space, and it gets gross quickly. We’re not even discussing the under-the-sink area, but I will do something about it. One of these days. When Kendrick’s around to protect me from the monsters that lurk behind the pipes.

4. While I’m at it, do something about the damn water closet (yeah, we have a water closet). That’s where I need your help: I want to paint it a dramatic color, but can’t decide what to do. Bright yellow? Dark blue? …Hot pink? (Kendrick, you didn’t hear that.)

What are your Spring Cleaning Resolutions?

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