Fruit Infusions


Last year, I decided at the last minute that I wanted to give Kendrick one more stocking stuffer and made him jalepeno-infused vodka in a mason jar. It ended up being totally undrinkable because I left the jalepeno in a little too long (and if Kendrick can’t handle the heat, that’s really saying something), but if you just pay attention to the duration of the infusion (try it every so often to assess strength), you should be A-OK.

Tip: If you’re making these last-minute, just stick a label on the jar advising the recipient to remove the fruit after a couple of days, or after the flavor has reached the desired intensity.

Try one of these combos, courtesy of Pam:

– Bourbon (try Elijah Craig; it’s less sweet than other brands) with blueberries

– Bourbon with orange peels (this is better than oranges because the acidity from the fruit doesn’t mix as well with the alcohol; with orange peels you get only the essential oils and flavoring)

– Whiskey with apples (try either Fuji or Braeburn)

– Vodka with Granny Smith apples and a cinnamon stick

– Vodka with cranberries and blueberries

Or you can try the pineapple vodka infusion I wrote about earlier.

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