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Five Hat Hairstyles


I’m kind of in the mood to hide out at the moment. Mostly because I’m both super busy and interested doing exactly zero in the beauty department. Lip gloss and sunglasses and hat and Hairstyle #5 from that video up there, c’est fini. Read More »

Summery Silk Scarves (And How To Style Them)


I love a good silk scarf for the summer; it’s just such a little problem-solver. Real silk versions can get expensive, but you can certainly find gorgeous options at every price range (or try scouring your local vintage shop). My favorite picks:     Summery Silk Scarves by ramshackleglam   (Click here for product info.) And sure, you can wear ... Read More »

How-To: Easy Travel Hair


Q. Hey Jordan! I am traveling to Europe and I’d like to leave the hairdryer, curling iron, and straightener at home. In an ideal world I’d hop out of the shower and 2 hours of air drying later I’d have some sexy tousled waves. Unfortunately I’ve been blessed with not quite straight, not quite curly (but always frizzy) medium-long hair. ... Read More »

How-To: Create Old Hollywood Waves


They’re not nearly as difficult to create as they look. (I swear.) Yesterday afternoon I shot a tutorial on this style (the finished product is above), and it took ten minutes, start-to-finish (minus blowdrying time)…and held up perfectly all the way through until bedtime. What you’ll need: – Mousse (I used Dove Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse*) – Bobby ... Read More »

Oscars 2013: Best Head-To-Toe


When it comes to red-carpet fashion the dress is the biggie, of course…but it’s the head-to-toe styling that really makes an impact. Example: Zoe Saldana. I didn’t really love her Alexis Mabille dress (although I appreciate how original it is)…but that is some gorgeous hair and makeup. Here’s another example of top-to-bottom drop-dead styling: Charlize Theron in Dior. Her makeup ... Read More »

Let’s Talk Oscars And Black-Tie Ponytails


Oof, am I ever excited for the Oscars on Sunday. Not because I’ve seen most of the movies that are nominated (I haven’t, although I’m casting my uneducated vote for Argo), and not because I like Seth McFarlane (I don’t really; he makes me uncomfortable, and not in a “whee, so edgy and awesome” way…more in a “oh dear, I ... Read More »

New Color, New Care


Q. Can you post some photos of your hair color? I have a hair appointment coming up and need inspiration! A. I went quite a bit lighter this time than I usually do; I wanted to look nice and summery for next week’s trip, but was also just generally looking for something a little different. My colorist, Doug at John Sahag Workshop, ... Read More »

Easy Holiday Hairstyle Solutions

Screen Shot 2012-11-16 at 2.26.47 PM

A big-night-out look doesn’t have to be fussy; I love the contrast between a casual updo and a glamorous cocktail dress. In this video, I recreate one of my favorite looks spotted in the Dove Great Style Effect Gallery*: an easy side-bun. How to get the look: 1. Start by blow-drying hair with a round brush, and then smoothing strands ... Read More »

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