A Crappy Eater’s 100% Honest Review Of Daily Harvest

Fine, I admit it: I started ordering Daily Harvest mostly because a lady I saw in their Instagram ads looked so adorably thrilled with her life. But I also started ordering Daily Harvest because I tried a chocolate-based smoothie at a fancy smoothie place near my dance studio, and became obsessed with chocolate-based smoothies. Except chocolate-based smoothies that you buy at fancy smoothie places are like ten bucks, and I have better things to spend ten bucks on. Like three jumbo-sized bags of salt and vinegar potato chips.

My attention to nutritional value, in case you were curious, starts and stops with the question of whether or not existing solely on hastily-consumed discarded spoonfuls of (Annie’s! Organic!) macaroni and cheese will eventually kill me. (I’m pretty sure it won’t. Jury’s still out.)

So having been a Daily Harvest subscriber for a couple of months now, and given the fact that I don’t do things like subscribe to smoothie delivery-places, I figured it was time to give you my (100% honest, zero-sponsored) rundown.

Caveat: I’ve only tried the smoothies, but have switched up my orders going forward and am super excited about the overnight oats and chia bowls. I can’t believe I just said that.


Even If You Are Way Lazy, You Literally Cannot Be Too Lazy To Make These

You don’t even need ice. (Which is fortunate, because my ice maker is broken.) You just add some kind of liquid (coconut milk if you’re fancy, normal milk if you’re me, water if you forgot to buy milk) to the cup, dump the contents of the cup into a blender, and bazam. You don’t even have to clean a GLASS, because you can just pour the smoothie back into the cup it came in and drink out of that.

Note: I’ve found that I need to add a little bit more liquid than the instructions say, so as to get a drinkable smoothie rather than a spoonable one. But spoonable is fun, too. Choose your own adventure.

They Sneak In Crazy Superfoods You’d Never Buy On Your Own

Chaga, reishi mushrooms, cashew butter, camu camu, pea protein, cauliflower chunks. What.

Clearly, none of these are things I would throw into a blender (and then consume) of my own accord. But I now ingest them every morning, completely by accident, because they are disguised by the beauteous joy of cacao nibs.

No Wasting Of Produce

OBVIOUSLY the more cost-effective strategy for smoothie-making is to blend your own. Except I am not capable of this; a solid 50% of the produce I buy goes bad, because I either forget to use it in time or forget that it exists full-stop, and the idea of buying the amount of fresh produce that I would need in order to make a smoothie every morning – and then actually using it up before it grows fur – exists in the sphere of alternate reality.

a totally honest review of daily harvest smoothies


Not All The Flavors Are Amazing

Granted, my personal preference leans towards the chocolate-inclusive style of smoothie, as aforementioned, but for my first couple of orders I thought I’d mix in some fruity flavors, as well. I gave the fruity variations I tried (Mango + Papaya; Watermelon + Dragonfruit) a B – they were just sort of bland. But I also didn’t try many of them, so take my opinion for what it’s worth.

My personal favorite blends: the Cold Brew + Cacao – which tastes like a Frappuccino, plus delicious crunchy bits – and the Avocado + Cacao. They’re basically breakfast milkshakes, with the addition of things like zucchini and ashwagandha root.

They’re Not Cheap

You can choose a delivery of 6, 9, 12, or 24 cups at once, and a weekly subscription costs $6.99-$7.99 per cup, depending on how many you’re ordering. (A monthly subscription costs $6.99 per cup.) Not cheap, as I said, but on the plus side I find I don’t need to order the cups every week – once every 2-3 weeks seems to keep me nicely stocked up.

My Kids Don’t Like Them

But whatever: Kids are picky. And in this case, my kids are wrong.

If you want to try Daily Harvest yourself, you can use my code, RE-AAKRHE6, to get $25 off your first box. (Or ask a friend who gets Daily Harvest for their code if you want to do them a mitzvah – the owner of the code gets a discount from the referral.)daily harvest berry smoothie recipe

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