Just A Little Encouragement

A New Era Has Begun

It occurred to me yesterday that I hadn’t made a dancing video in awhile. Years, in fact. (The last one we made was in our old house, wearing full Risky Business attire, but I can’t show it to you because YouTube took it down. Because apparently you can’t just use Bob Seger tunes willy-nilly. Shame.)

That clearly had to be fixed.

P.S. I turn 38 on Sunday. Oh my god.

P.P.S. Below, a little stroll down memory lane, vis a vis dancing videos (ordered from relatively recent to ten or eleven centuries ago):

Here We Go (Again)

My Ridiculous Aldo Video

Xmas Eve, 2011

Birthday Surprises, 2011

One More Time, For the Cheap Seats

I Just Wanna Fly

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