The Cutout Swimsuit That Apparently Looks Good On Everybody

You know how sexy cutout suits are amazing-looking sitting there on the hanger, all full of sexiness and cutouts?

I decided to try one on once. It was not good. Basically, everything unfortunate that a swimsuit could possibly do to my body, that swimsuit did. Squishing and widening and flattening and smushing parts of my body out of places where no body parts should be smushed. Ever since then, I’ve been a little gun-shy about the things. I love looking at them on Pinterest and shopping sites and such, but wear one? Nothankyou.

Except just yesterday morning I saw this article on PopSugar, and they assured me that there is this one Mara Hoffman swimsuit that apparently looks good on everyone, and that statement was supported by none other than Mindy Kaling (who posted two shots of herself looking lovely in it). Apparently “the world went wild” over these shots, which seems a touch like overkill, but who knows, maybe it really is that great? …Maybe?

In any case, Mindy Kaling seems like a trustworthy soul, so I had to see it.

Here you go: the alleged Most Flattering Cutout One-Piece In The World (the color pictured above appears to be sold out, but this color is available). It’s by Mara Hoffman.

(Yeah, I know: I’m dubious, too. But I still kind of want to try it on, just in case Mindy and PopSugar are correct.)

And just because we’re talking swimsuits, below are a few more styles I love (all from Mara Hoffman because her stuff is kind of the best).

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