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The Dead

Foster’s Freeze (San Jose, CA)

I’ve never been a Grateful Dead fan. Not because I don’t like the music…because I know exactly nothing about it. I’m fairly certain that my high school boyfriend was into them, but he was also into Phish, and I apparently managed to tune out every single thing about his musical taste for the duration of our relationship (the one Phish concert he succeeded in dragging me to was less-than-successful, as what I did the moment I arrived was curl up on top of a table and fall asleep).

In short: if you told me to sing a Grateful Dead song for you on pain of death, I would be dead.

And then, somewhere around Texas, Kendrick and I decided to give them a shot, and downloaded an album…and ended up playing it for much of the remainder of the drive. Something about the music just goes really well with long stretches of empty highway.

By the time we arrived, Kendrick had become a full-fledged Grateful Dead fan, and actually ended up going to their Santa Clara concert last weekend (part of their Fare Thee Well tour). I didn’t go because I had spent the day at Mudderella and was too exhausted to breathe, let alone attend a concert…but did I score a tee?

You better believe I did.

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On Me: Grateful Dead Concert Tee (similar); DIY-ed Cutoff Shorts (similar); Rebecca Minkoff Oxfords; Hat Attack Straw Fedora; Saint Laurent Sunglasses.

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