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Well Suited

Something about tailored clothing (and especially suits) always makes me feel like an alien, or maybe like a five-year-old with messy hair who’s been hanging out in Mommy’s closet; it just never has quite the effect I hoped it would, and so I’ve more or less given up on the look and defaulted to Bohemian (a.k.a. “messy”) over the years.

And then I cut my hair. And I’m sure we’re all sick of The Haircut Heard ‘Round The World (or at least ‘Round The RG) by now, but for real: overnight, it made me feel like I wanted to – and maybe even could – wear anything. I loved my long hair, but it always made me feel a little…blowsy. Like if I wore anything even the least bit fancy, it was all a bit too much. And now everything from the neck up feels simple and sporty and not fussy at all, and so it feels a lot easier to play around with what’s going on down below.

I have never worn anything even remotely like this before in my life.

I mean…a CROP TOP?! I don’t think so.

And a menswear-style suit with a racing stripe down the side? Nope.

And…SNEAKERS? Like, for non-sport-related purposes?


And yet when I went into the DKNY store in search of an outfit to wear to host last weekend’s event…that’s exactly what I felt best in. I felt relaxed, but still pulled-together. I even felt – dare I say – Hepburn-y. And did I mention that I could actually walk, courtesy of those sneakers? It was rather amazing.

Which is all to say: I think everyone should chop off all their hair and give crop tops a try at least once in their life. Nothing like getting rid of some baggage to make you feel free.

striped crop topdkny urbandkny sneakersdkny suitdkny outfit

On Me: DKNY One-Button Tuxedo Jacket, Crepe Wide-Leg Pants, Crop Top and Sneakers ℅ (worn to host event); Saint Laurent Bold Sunglasses.

Hair: Karmela Lozina for John Sahag Workshop

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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