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A few months ago I was at Nordstrom Rack with my friend Katie, and I picked up a loose grey sweater and was all “ooooo,” and she looked at me like I was insane.

“Jordan,” she said. “You own that. I think you own ten of that.”

Everybody gets stuck in a clothing rut once in awhile. For me, it’s the loose-sweater-skinny-pant thing; it’s just sort of my Default Mode, the shape I know I feel good (and presumably look good-ish) in. And while having a fallback look can make getting ready in the morning about a thousand times easier (remember my Happy Place Silhouette theory?), it’s also fun to try something…you know…


Like a SKIRT.

I know, I know: I just blew you away.

But for real: I do not like skirts. And I do not wear them. So for me, a skirt – and not just a skirt, but a high-waisted midi skirt, which is a whole lot of skirt – is a pretty big departure from what I’m usually into. I just always feel so fussy in skirts, not to mention the fact that if I’m in one I can’t put my feet up on the dashboard without turning into a flasher, and there are few things in life more enjoyable than putting your feet up on the dashboard.

So: no skirts.

But this skirt I bought despite the big warning sign blinking in my head saying Jordan You Do Not Wear Skirts because it’s long (but not so long it trails on the ground) and warm (but not so warm that it’s all smothering) and basically feels like wearing a pair of jeans.

Or a rug.

You know how it feels to wear a rug?

Cozy, apparently.

Another new (for me) thing going on here: that button-down shirt? Unbuttoned (the scandal!). I have a closet full of oversized button-downs, but decided I wanted to try a new shape, so I left this one unbuttoned and crossed it tightly, then tucked it into the skirt to secure it in place (a high waisted bottom, by the way, is essential if you want to try this; anything low-waisted will leave the shirt too loose, and a shirt that is too loose is a shirt that shows everything going on underneath, which isn’t exactly the point). It feels relaxed and easy and a little sexy (and could work for evening if you paired the crossed-over skirt with some high-waisted silk pants or a long formal skirt.

Very vintage Sharon Stone.


midi tapestry skirt

tapestry skirt

blonde bob

knit skirt

On Me: Zara Button-Down (two sizes too large) and Midi Skirt; Frye Boots; Vintage Perfume-Bottle Necklace (borrowed from Mom).

Photo credit: Mom (thanks, Mom).

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