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I Just Wanna Dance

First: the fact that I am, at the age of 33, once again attending school dances is both super weird and extremely fun.

For Kendrick’s Winter Formal Masquerade I had all these grand plans of floor-length ball gowns (and I do happen to own one – for no apparent reason, as my life does not typically involve outings to places where ball gowns are required) and sculpted waves and…I don’t know, I thought I was really going to go over-the-top fancy, because I never get to go over-the-top fancy and that sounded like it’d be fun.

And then I realized that what’s missing in my life lately is a little partying. Like, old-school put-on-a-sexy-dress-and-high-heels-and-stay-out-late partying. I don’t want to swan around eating canapés; I just wanna dance. And so I decided to dial down the formality and go with a dress that I could move around in, a hairdo that looked messed-up to start with (so a little extra tousling courtesy of a Pitbull song wouldn’t be a big deal), and one hell of a mask.

Oh and? We stayed out until TWO. Which was four hours before the small people in our home woke up and wanted to start their own mini-rave in our living room…but it was so worth it. Date nights FTW.

vivo mask

vivo mask black

christmas party

kendrick strauch

party dress

masquerade dress

On Me: White House Black Market Dress (similar); Vivo Masks Mask; Steve Madden Heels; NARS Heat Wave Lipstick; Swarovski Mini Bella Earrings; Noritake China Champagne Glass.

On Kendrick: Hugo Boss Suit; Vivo Masks Mask.

Some affordable and not-boring-in-the-least LBD options I love for your holiday celebrations consideration:

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