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Weird Product Test-Run: Ciate Glitz Fix


OK, so this product – which uses a glitter sealer to create a sparkle-covered lip – is one that I like in theory…but in execution, maybe slightly less so.

First, the application process: you coat your lips with a layer of translucent “sealer” (basically gloss), and then use the little glitter application wand to apply glitter everywhere you want it to go (I ended up tossing the glitter applicator – which just totally didn’t work – and using a fingertip to apply the glitter). Finally, you use that little fan brush to swipe away any sparkles that landed outside the lip line.

ciate glitz fix

The look is definitely cool and high-impact, but…not really my thing, I don’t think: it made my lips super dry, and the finish is such that you can’t really apply any moisturizing product on top. Also, I found it difficult to create the kind of precise line that I feel like is required with a look this dramatic; the glitter adhered better to some spots than others.

If you want to try the look, my recommendation would be to apply a lip liner to your lips prior to the translucent sealer, so that you get even color coverage before applying the glitter. My second recommendation would be to exfoliate your lips prior to application, or maybe just to be the kind of person who does not have dry-lip tendencies, because if you do, it will not be an especially comfortable experience.

Or…maybe just don’t use it at all unless you enjoy having berry-hued gravel sitting on your lips, sucking out every last iota of moisture.

Could be cute for holiday photos, though, provided you removed it immediately afterwards, which is what I did ten seconds after taking that photo (normal makeup remover works, although I did end up ingesting a few sparkles).

Anyway, if you want to try it yourself: here.

Product sample provided by PR.

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