Brand-New Shade For A Brand-New Project

Clockwise from lower left:

Chair / Candle / Towel / Shirt / Purse / Socks / Teapot / Mixing Bowl

One of my favorite right-this-moment shades (and generally): this.

Somewhere between mint green and sage, it’s sort of like a Jadeite bowl come to life, and feels fresh and light, “feminine” without being “girly.” I love it for everything from dining room chairs to throw pillows to eyeshadows, and I especially love it for a new project I have on the horizon.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 11.37.50 AM

Clockwise from top left:

Chair / Pillow / Blouse / Clutch / Vases / Table

The best part: this color takes on a totally different feel depending on what you pair it with. With pink, this shade of green is sweet and romantic; with grey, it’s spare and chic; with black and white, it’s striking and graphic.


I discovered the exact shade that I have in mind from an exciting retailer who just entered the beauty category, and will be posting the results of an upcoming project in just one week.

…Any guesses as to what this project may be?

(I think you can guess.)

  • allison

    I had my bedroom that exact color for years as a kid! Loved it.

  • Stephanie

    If it’s paint and I’m so anxious to hear the color–It would be perfect with grey furniture in the bedroom of my new house!

  • Rachel

    I’m thinking room color for Goldie! 🙂

  • Olivia

    Tiffany’s 🙂