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{ DIY Distressed denim; Deux Lux Karma Clutch }

A few RG readers have emailed me over the past couple of weeks to say that they tried my DIY Distressed Denim tutorial and loved the results – yay! I think you should try it, too: way cheaper than buying a ready-made distressed pair and a great way to update a pair of skinnies or boyfriend jeans that you never wear.

Such a sweet review of Ramshackle Glam over on Lovely At Your Side; thank you, Olivia!

Friends in same-sex and/or inter-racial relationships – science needs you! My friend is working on a study that could use your help: click this link to see if you qualify to participate in a survey study about inter-racial and same-sex romantic relationships (it will also enter you into a raffle for the potential to win one of several $50 raffle prizes).

I’m not certain what, exactly, is supported by this particular item of clothing…but I also think that’s probably not the point (potentially NSFW).

Looking to brighten up your teeth for spring? The Glo Brilliant Home whitening system mimics the results of a professional treatment for a fraction of the price, and can be used multiple times. (I can’t test-run it quite yet because it’s not recommended for pregnancy…but will be trying it this fall, because it sounds phenomenal.)

Just bought this tunic a couple of sizes too big to wear as a warm-weather dress, and love it love it love it. Super-comfortable.

Getting an epidural is like tripping on medically-sanctioned ecstasy, and more things no one tells you about giving birth (via Redbook).

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 12.37.22 PM

Congrats to my lovely friend Katy (that’s her hand pictured above) on her brand-new arrival!

This quiz just told me that I should live in California. Oh, fiiiiine.

The kinds of firsts we should really be including in our newborn’s baby book (lololol).

My friend Stephen designs beach towels for One Kings Lane. They’re super cool (love the palm trees and seahorses).

This weekend: test-ran Juara Rice Cleanser, which mimics the traditional Indonesian ritual of a rice water rinse. Verdict: gets everything off and leaves skin feeling lovely and soft. A+.


This is a really excellent little piece of inspiration. Full book of ’em is here.

The 10 Banned Pregnancy Foods You Can Actually Eat (many of which are on my personal Thank God list). On the slightly more serious (and potentially more scientifically accurate side), those of you interested in this topic should definitely check out this Time Magazine article on 20 Common Pregnancy Myths (yay, you can pet your cat, eat your bagels and lox, and drink coffee – whew).

This jacket looks like a cheetah ate it, and I am ALL ABOUT IT.

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