What To Wear: Theme Park

Q. Hi Jordan!

I am going to DisneyWorld in May and I wanted your opinion on cute but comfortable things to wear. I am specifically wondering about shoes – I don’t think my regular sandals will cut it for walking around all day. Are Crocs sandals comfortable for longer wear? Should I just go for sneakers?



A. This question makes me want to go to a theme park so badly. I think we still have a couple of years for that one, though: we’re still kind of in the kiddie-park zone with our son, and I’m planning on holding off on The Big DisneyWorld Bonanza until at least one of our children is at an age where he or she can…you know…remember the trip that just cost mom and dad two million dollars (because when you enjoy turkey legs as much as I do, theme park trips can get expensive).

Anyway, I love theme parks. I do not, however, love looking like I am at a theme park, and see no reason at all why a day involving roller-coasters also needs to involve fanny packs. So: here’s what I’d wear.

Top: Because it’s going to be a long, tiring day that may involve getting wet, go for a breathable, light fabric in a neutral color (or stripe) and a relaxed fit.

Bottom: Shorts, plz. Make sure they’re comfortable, though – nothing worse than too-tight shorts on a too-hot day; lightweight denim or stretch cotton should work well.

Bag: A sturdy crossbody or bright backpack (I own the one pictured above in navy, and the tassels are even more amazing in person) are both great picks – just make sure that if you carry something leather you treat it beforehand (and don’t bring anything that would make you cry were it to get a water spot or two; it’s not worth it).

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.44.45 AM

Crocs Beach Line Boat Shoe

Shoes: Running shoes are too heavy and hot; flip-flops might fall off on your third turn around the roller coaster. I seriously cannot recommend the two pairs of Crocs shown above any more highly: the Really Sexi Flip (the one you’ve seen me wearing on RG constantly for the past year or so) is super, super, crazy comfortable and also nice and bare-looking, which makes it look surprisingly stylish given just how practical it is for a full day of theme-parking, and the Beach Line Boat Shoe is lightweight and perfect for water rides (plus the perforated sides make it great for a warm day). Both styles have excellent grip and good support, making them perfect choices for a long day involving lots of walking. And turkey legs.

Accessories: Bring a cute hat, but make sure it’s crushable in case you need to stick it in your bag while you’re on a ride. Amazing sunglasses are obviously a must. You don’t want to wear lots of jewelry that will catch on things and get in your way, but I do have to insist on is a little something superhero-themed (like a lightning-bolt bracelet). Or Mickey ears; whichever you prefer.

Crocs is a sponsor of Ramshackle Glam.

  • OhThatLaura

    One quick PSA — if you choose to wear cute strappy sandals, be sure to put sunscreen on the tops of your feet so you don’t look like a zebra afterwards… This may, or may not, have happened to me before. 🙂

    • jordanreid

      lolol good tip.

  • Tara Wilkins

    I am CRAZY about the espresso/stucco Croc boat shoes. Like, bookmarked them in my phone AND my laptop. Thanks for the intro to them!

    • jordanreid

      i’m so glad! i need to pick up a pair myself for this summer’s activities.

  • Rain Mikajlo

    we’re taking lily at the end of the month! i was kinda stuck on the footwear choice too. will eat turkey legs and dole whips and think of you.

    • jordanreid

      so jealous! have fun 🙂

  • Amanda

    Thank you!!! I will probably only bring the croc sandals and my leopard print nikes. i appreciate the response and tips 🙂