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Moisture From Head To Toe

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I’ve written extensively about my problems with wintertime dryness, but seriously: if I could just go ahead and marinate in a vat of oil for the next couple of months, that would be great.

My lifelong battle with alligator-ish tendencies has, however, had the happy effect of giving me more than one solution (and product suggestion) for combating the extreme dehydration of hair, skin and nails that often pops up during the wintry months.

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– Keep sample-size bottles of your favorite products everywhere: in your purse, in your bedside drawer, next to your sink. The more often you can reapply, the better.

– When showering, make sure to use warm (not hot) water, which can strip skin of moisture.

– While I stick to deep-conditioning hair treatments once every couple of weeks in the summer, in the winter I use a deep conditioner (specifically Dove® Intensive Repair Daily Super Conditioner) every other time I wash my hair.

– Remember to exfoliate: it does wonders for how your skin looks, and for how well it can absorb the moisturizing products you’re using.

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Hair: Dove® Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner are amaaazing. With a unique blend of oils including almond and mineral oils, the formulas replenish essential nutrients without weighing hair down. I’m a superfan of these products all year round, but especially for extra nourishment in the wintertime. Also: if your ends are dry, try the Nourishing Oil Care Anti-Frizz Serum; it instantly makes ends look (and feel) shiny and healthy.

Face: I moisturize morning and night as a matter of policy, but in the wintertime I also make sure that my face wash (I’m using Simple Skincare Moisturizing Facial Wash) is targeted at dry skin. Another especially excellent product to incorporate into your daily routine: Marula oil, an all-natural product derived from East African Marula nuts that contains antioxidants and fatty acids. I wouldn’t use it during the day (see: oil), but it’s rapid-absorbing and feels absolutely incredible on any extra-extra-dry spots.

Body: For moisturizer, you seriously have to try Vaseline® Spray-And-Go Moisturizer (try Cocoa Radiant, with shea butter). I used to occasionally skip the moisturizer on especially chilly days mostly because I didn’t feel like hanging out in my freezing-cold bathroom post-shower…but this product makes keeping your skin hydrated so easy. I also do not ever, ever (ever ever) allow myself to run out of Dove® Deep Moisture Body Wash: it’s hands-down one of my all-time favorite products.

Hands and feet: Try applying Vaseline® Jelly to your hands and feet just before bed, and then slip on cotton gloves or socks. I promise, it really doesn’t feel as weird as it sounds, and it’s only a once-in-awhile extra measure.


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1. Combine equal parts oatmeal and brown sugar.

2. Add a drizzle of honey and a splash of olive oil.

3. Mix well and apply to damp skin. Massage in gently, then rinse off.

As a Dove® Hair ambassador, all products referenced in this [post] were supplied by Dove®.

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