DIY Vegetable Garden Bed

DIY Vegetable Garden Bed

Ever heard of a raised garden bed? They’re kind of the best. I spent yesterday shooting a segment on how to put one together, and can now explain to you exactly why they are wonderful. Let’s discuss!

1. They’re great for vegetable gardens because you can place plants very close together, and because the loosely packed soil makes for excellent drainage conditions.

2. They can be used pretty much anywhere (on decks, or even indoors), and are extremely versatile. This is just a simple 4′x4′ bed, but you can stack them, expand them, and even make them into pretty shapes (I ended up stacking a second 4′x4′ bed on top to make the walls a little higher.)

3. They’re so easy to assemble (all you need is a hammer, a screwdriver, potting soil and plants).

4. This particular model is made of green-manufactured composite wood, which means it won’t rot, splinter, warp, or attract critters (save for Lucy, who was extremely interested in the entire process).

Here’s the bed about halfway towards done: I planted some dill, thyme, a couple of flowers for color, and and a few plants that the producer on the shoot picked up and that are completely opaque to me (the ones in the center row; anyone know what they are?).

Next step: I’m planning on adding the tomato plant and the herbs that I potted a few weeks ago to the garden and moving out the flowers (which I decided I’d rather have in pots).

  • Adrienne

    I see basil and some parsley in the middle – which ones are you unsure of? Do you know if it is flower, herb, veggie? I can probably help!

    • jordanreid

      those three low plants closest to the camera are actually all the same…they look a lot like basil, but i’m not actually sure that’s what they are. and then that tall, kinda spiky one on the end she said was a tomato plant…but i don’t think so. is that pepper?

      • Adrienne

        I think the first one isn’t basil- but the ones behind it are. The last one is def. a pepper. I can’t tell what the first are. I would be surprised if it was peas – it is really late for peas – and you’ll want something for them to climb up if they are. It looks a little like a variety of lettuce too. I would just goggle some ideas and match up the leaves. There is also an app – leaf snap that may be able to help too. Enjoy :)

        • Adrienne

          Watercress! That’s what I couldn’t think of – looks like watercress.

        • jordanreid

          so helpful – thank you!

  • dailybaxter

    I think the center row is peas, basil, parsley, pepper fom closest to furthest.

  • lizmckibbon

    Sorry to be rude but what is DIY about a $45 product you bought from Home Depot and put together? Is IKEA DIY as well?

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