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Herb Garden Success (So Far)

Gardening Week on Ramshackle Glam continues, this time with my very first herb garden.

Well, second, actually. But I don’t think we should count the thing that I stuck in the ground outside my house in Los Angeles, completely forgot about, and killed within about 72 hours.

As of this morning it’s been nearly 146 hours since I planted the pots pictured here, and so far, so good.

In this pot, we have (clockwise from left) rosemary, mint and lavender. In addition to using these herbs in dishes, I’m pretty excited to have all three close at hand to call into action as garnishes for summer cocktails. Yum.

And in this pot I put four basil plants, because the woman I bought them from said they’d grow pretty fast and would do best in their own container. (If the plants look slightly picked-over in this shot it’s because I just plucked a few pieces to make a Caprese salad for lunch, and felt enormously fancy garnishing my plate with herbs from my very own herb garden.)

A little tip for DIY gardeners (not from me, obviously – from the garden store lady): Make sure to pinch off those little purple flowers that pop up on basil leaves in order to keep your plant growing.

Garden pots via T.J. Maxx.

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