My Looks

Taste The Rainbow

It’s been so pretty out these past couple of days. Sweater-and-a-light-jacket pretty, which is the very best kind…especially when your sweater looks a little like a handful of candy.

Speaking of sweaters, can I just say? One of the hands-down best parts of home ownership (or, so I hear, of living anywhere outside Manhattan) is the presence of an actual washer and dryer in your house. It’s awesome. Cozy knit sweaters are one of my favorite things in the world to wear, but I always shied away from buying them because of the expensive dry-cleaning bills that they came with…and now I’m all “Bring ’em on, kids…I’ve got DRYEL.”

(I love Dryel. It smells delicious.)

(Just to drive the point home: those are sparkle sleeves. Sparkle sleeves!)

On me: Elm Sweater c/o Roxy, jeans from TJ Maxx, jacket c/o BooHoo, Juicy Couture sunglasses, UGG Australia shoes, Giles & Brother necklace, bag c/o Alexandra Satine.

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