The Perfect Leather Jacket

Q. Hey Jordan!

I’ve been obsessing over that UGG Moss Landing leather jacket ever since you first posted about it. I think I’m gonna treat myself to it for Christmas (one of the luxuries of being a single lady), but was wondering: do you REALLY REALLY love it, or were you playing up the enthusiasm for UGG? Not to imply that you do that usually, you seem pretty honest when you don’t like something, but again…never spent this much on one item of clothing before so I just want to feel good about it before I splurge.




A. Completely reasonable question, and the answer is that I first wore the jacket for an UGG campaign that we shot in August…but you’ve seen it over and over (and over) on RG for no reason other than it’s become one of my wardrobe staples, and I wear it in “real life” (as it were) constantly. (Less at the moment, just because it’s freezing out and I’ve moved on to a for-real winter coat.)

I actually find leather jackets a weirdly difficult purchase: I bought a pretty expensive one from French Connection a few years ago because it seemed like a black leather jacket would be a fail-safe investment piece – I mean, it should theoretically feel great and go with everything, right? But then…I never wore it. It seems like leather jackets are always too bulky, or too stiff, or not warm enough, or shaped weird, or too biker-y, or too boring, or…whatever.

When I picked out the jacket pictured here online to wear in the shoot, I figured it would be another case of “eh”, but this leather jacket is the very first one that I’ve found that I adore, and the answer to your question is that I definitely recommend it as an investment piece. It’s lined, so it’s warm, but it’s not bulky at all, and is an amazing, buttery leather that will look even better as it ages. One caveat: while I love the fabric-lined hood and the knit cuffs, I can imagine that you’d have to replace them after a few years, depending on how often you wear it and whether you’re bothered by holes.

P.S. The jacket is no longer available on the UGG site, but if you Google “UGG Moss Landing jacket” you should be good; I found a brown version on sale here.

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