How-To: Sprinkle A Little Sour On That Sweet

Here’s the thing:

Lately, I love super-girly (by which I mean rainbow bright/feminine/floral/fitted/embellished) pieces. I really do.


I do not love looking super-girly.

So: how to reconcile the two factions at war here?

My rule, in short: When wearing a piece (like this amazing Lilly Pulitzer jacket) that could arguably make an appearance on Elle Woods, make sure that at least one other article of clothing on your body (like the slouchy boyfriend jeans I’m wearing here) would make her run for the hills.

Unless “country club chic” is the look you’re going for (which is A-OK if you like that style; it’s just not my kind of thing), mix a little punk (or whatever) into your prep. By which I mean: no French twists. No pearls. No pleats. No other pink bits and pieces.

(I make an exception for pink patent leather shoes, which I firmly believe go with absolutely everything.)

A Few Suggestions:

– Add an unquestionably un-girly piece, like a rugged leather belt or army jacket.

– When in doubt, pair super-feminine pieces with an otherwise neutral outfit (for example, a floral jacket with a grey tee and jeans, or sweet-as-pie pink pants with a navy tank).

– Tone it all down with flats: here, I’m wearing pink stilettos because…well, I like them – but a pair of seen-better-days brown boots or simple, neutral slides would look great, too.

– Don’t “do” that ‘do: keep your hair (and makeup) simple and relaxed.

– If you’re feeling extra brave, go ahead and throw in some ridiculous contrast in the form of skulls, animal print, or spikes.

Completely off-topic, but I have to show you these two pieces of jewelry: the necklace is from Forever 21 and was FOUR DOLLARS (!), and the LyraLoveStar ring is now a part of my daily must-wear Right Hand Repertoire.

Please excuse the devastating manicure. I’m fixing it today.

On me: Mille Jacket c/o Lilly Pulitzer, Rebecca Taylor cut-out tee, jeans c/o Paige Denim, Steve Madden pumps, Forever 21 necklace, Mid City purse c/o Foley & Corinna, LyraLoveStar ring, Juicy Couture sunglasses.