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2-Minute Makeup: Eyeliner, Clean & Simple

I got an email the other day from RG reader Katie, who said, “When I don’t wear eyeliner on the bottom, I feel naked almost, and it makes me insecure as strange as that sounds. But everyone I look at online doesn’t seem to wear any bottom liner and they look beautiful. Do you have any suggestions on how to lighten up my eye makeup?”

I totally get this. For over a decade – every since college – I felt completely undressed and washed-out if I didn’t rim my lower eyelid with black liner, like my eyes were disappearing into my face.

I wore my makeup like this. Every day.

And then I got pregnant, and started wanting to look more “fresh” than “glamorous,” and decided to give a liner-free lower lid a spin…and what do you know? As it turns out, too-heavy eye makeup ages your whole face; especially as you get older, a lighter touch looks far more elegant and pretty. Nowadays, I don’t even touch my lower lid with liner, and just alternate between the three different styles of upper-lid liner shown in the video, depending on my mood.

List of products used in video after the jump.

Look 1: NARS shadow in China Blue

Look 2: Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier in Golden Triangle (click here for a full makeup tutorial centered around this fun product)

Look 3: Benefit Magic Ink Liquid Liner