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Ready In A (F)Lash: A Mini False Eyelash Tutorial

You know how I was talking about beauty time-savers yesterday? Well, I have one more suggestion:

False eyelashes.

I know, you’re all, “Jordan, crazy girl…false eyelashes are not a trick for those in search of speed, they are a totally indulgent and time-consuming to-do”…but stay with me for a second, here.

It’s true: until you get used to the process false eyelashes are more glue-everywhere than glamorous. But once you figure them out, they’re on and busy making you look totally going-out-worthy in thirty seconds. Maybe a minute. And if you add them to the basic makeup shown in my New Mama Makeup Tutorial, they’re really all you need to look pretty and pulled-together, and just a little bit spectacular. Sure, if you’re feeling fancy you can always add on smoky eyes, red lips, et cetera et cetera…but if you have incredible lashes, you (or at least I) just feel done. Sexy. Just a little bit spectacular.

How to do it?

I’ll tell you!

(It’s easy.)

Start with some eyelash adhesive (bonus points if you can find the tinted kind) and a single strip of lashes. The fancy ones from Make Up For Ever are great for special occasions, but for regular old nights out I just wear the cheapie strips that you get in packs of four at the drugstore.

Cut the strip in half, being careful not to chop off any of the lashes. (You can also buy half-lash strips, but full ones are easier to find, and usually cheaper, since you get double the applications out of a package if you cut them up yourself.)

The glue can be tricky, because you want just a thin layer, but it should coat the strip evenly. If you have trouble applying the glue directly from the tube, try dotting some onto a tissue and gently dragging the edge of the lash strip through the droplet.

Place the halved lash strip at the outer corner of your eye, snuggling it down to your natural lash line (when I say snuggling, I mean it: sort of cozy it down in there so that the strip blends with your natural lashes).

Finally, tap the lashes gently into place with the tips of your fingers and let dry. And then repeat using the other half of the strip on your other eye.

So if you do the basic makeup shown in yesterday’s video and then pop on some false lashes for the evening, that’s a total of just over two minutes spent on your makeup all day long (save for a touch-up here and there).

That’s my kind of beauty routine.

If you have some extra time, here’s how to pump up the look a little more for evening: 

– Curl your lashes before applying mascara

– Sweep on a finely-milled gold shadow

– Add a thin line of liquid eyeliner to top lashline

– Fill in your brows (or use hairy gel if that’s your kind of thing)


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