Weekend Snapshots

On Friday evening, handbag designer Alexandra Satine (you’ve seen her Brickel and Rio Limon styles here before) stopped by to show me her favorite picks from her Summer and Fall collections. The best thing about her bags: with most styles, part of the bag can be removed and carried as a separate clutch or small purse, making the piece a two-for-one investment.

On Saturday, it snowed.

So that was fun.

I took advantage of the situation to wear my new gloves. (My Urban Outfitters pair is sold out, but they’re similar to these.)

We went to Big Daddy’s and ate pancakes with bacon and banana. They were good; have to say, though, not quiiiiite as good as my Elvis Pancakes.

There was a bit of a disaster with Indy’s hat, so we swapped mine in for the twenty-foot walk home. He didn’t seem to notice much of a difference.

And on Sunday, we ate lunch (Waldorf Salad) at my Aunt Debbie’s house. Debbie’s been a food stylist and cookbook author for years, so every time I see her I pick up a trick or two; this time, what she taught me is that the way to make a really spectacular Waldorf Salad (she recommended this Ina Garten recipe) is to start with a chicken breast roasted on the bone, and then to cut it into pieces and serve when it’s still slightly warm. Once the chicken is refrigerated, it starts to dry out and isn’t nearly as good.

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