Kendrick Thinks I Dress Like I’m In The Matrix These Days

That’s my “I’m in The Matrix” Serious Face.

(That’s also why I prefer to smile like I’m auditioning for a Colgate ad in photos.)

Thaaaat’s better.

So lately this is what I wear. And I wear it every day, and it’s getting weird and sort of inconvenient, mostly because I’ve never been one of those New Yorkers who dresses like a stereotypical New Yorker (black black black), and so I just don’t own that many black Ts and black jeans. Certainly not enough to make wearing the things every day not-weird or not-inconvenient (ay, do I ever not enjoy that nightly hand-washing session that happens when one doesn’t have an in-building washer/dryer and doesn’t want to unhand one’s favorite pants for even a second).

But it’s just all I want to wear. I still want to look relatively pulled-together and semi-stylish, if at all possible…but most of all, I want to be comfortable. And I have approximately five seconds every morning during which to get dressed, pull my hair into a ponytail, apply something or other to my face (my beloved liquid liner is still making a daily appearance, but I am a SPEED DEMON with that applicator brush, I’ll tell you), and get back to whatever it is that I have to do that may or may not involve having various undesirable substances landing on my person. And black-on-black just makes that process infinitely easier. And hides the aforementioned undesirable substances quite nicely, thanks.


Not even a little bit.

But that’s fine by me. I guess I’m feeling like being a little incognito these days.

(Big black boots are key.)

See? Matrix.


GANT sunglasses (S/S 2012), Tahari peacoat, Mavi stretch jeans, earrings c/o Melinda Maria, Clarks boots

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