An Update

Yeah, I know.

I can’t believe I’m still pregnant, either.

Remember this?

I posted it over a week ago. So you may be wondering what’s going on.

In short: the due date that I originally calculated was the 17th (yesterday, and first babies are frequently late). But all along, we’ve been reaching developmental markers about a week early, so from the get-go we’ve been told that our more likely due date was the 10th, and that he’d probably arrive even earlier than that.

But now they’re saying, “Wow, looks like you were right about that due date all along!” (I know.)

Basically how these things work is that due dates are an imperfect science, and it matters less what day you have circled on the calendar than how the baby is doing. As long as he’s bopping along nicely (which means sufficient amniotic fluid, a placenta that’s still delivering nutrients efficiently, etc), there’s no reason to resort to induction (up until a certain point, of course, which I haven’t hit yet). I’m at the doctor every couple of days now, and no worries: all is fine.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t also a little frustrating. I really did expect to have met our son by now, and weirdly enough feel physically better and less uncomfortable and achy and generally about-to-give-birth than I did a few weeks ago, which makes me feel like I am never, ever, evereverever going to get this show on the road. One thing that’s been tough is that I take a lot of pride in being flexible and easy to work with, so all this uncertainty has presented a challenge with regards to scheduling of work commitments…because things that I put on the calendar a month ago thinking I’d be well out of the hospital by now have had to be postponed, as I simply can’t say with any certainty whether I’ll be free tomorrow, or Monday, or whatever.

Most of all, though, it’s a little discouraging because even though I know that obviously this is totally not something within my control, I can’t help but feel like I’m letting my friends and family down a little bit with every single day that passes. Of course they’re not disappointed – just anxious, same as me – and I’m not doing anything wrong, but I am an emotional forty-million-weeks pregnant lady and somehow it sort of feels that way.

Anyway. I’m also enjoying these last few days (lots of Li-lac mint patties, old episodes of Nip/Tuck, and obsessive house-cleaning), so if this sounds like I’m boo-hooing, I’m not: as long as the baby is healthy, I’m happy.

And on the bright side: I haven’t even given birth yet, and I’m already getting a crash course in Chapter 1 of Parenting 101: You Can’t Control Everything.

  • Kate

    Never plan ahead, expecting a due date, especially with a first baby. I was super surprised when you purchased

  • Ashley

    Hang in there lady!  My sister-in-law was 2 weeks overdue when they induced her. Apparently, going over the due date is fairly common for first-time mothers.

  • Morgan

    Hang in there!  We can’t wait to meet the babe but we prefer him to be fully cooked and arrive when he is good n’ ready 🙂  xox Morgan

    • Anonymous

      Aw! I know, I know 🙂 I’m being ridiculous. But spending this much time contemplating the state of your uterus would make anyone crazy.

      I can’t believe that I am now totally comfortable saying the word “uterus” in public. Uterus!

  • OMG- I can completely relate with the whole, “Letting people down” thing- I felt the same way with my birth because my brother and his fiance had flown in from TN to be here ideally for the birth- they came in the 1st and were leaving on the 9th.  The whole time they were visiting (some of this time they were in NH and not with me) I was just thinking, if they leave and I haven’t given birth it will be horrible.  When I was able to let that go, I felt okay, but the first 2-3 days post due date with no baby I was depressed.  Somehow I got over it, I did a lot of relaxing and just being present in the moment and knowing that- I would meet my baby in the next 2 weeks max kind of helped.  Like it wasn’t months anymore, it was days. E was born in the early AM of the 9th and my brother and sister-in-law got to spend a few precious hours with their first nephew in the end :).  And honestly, I’m so happy he was late- because I really believe he’s smarter and more developed as a result!  Better late than early in terms of development and temperament on the outside, I think.  (Not that there is anything at all wrong with an early baby, just from my experience!)

    PS: I was absolutely convinced he’d be born in 2010- because I’m so results oriented and fast and type A- but yes lesson #1/motherhood 101- you’re not in control anymore!
    PPS: Some people say that cohoosh herbs help start contractions- I can send you the names of the ones I used that I think did help move things along generally.

    • Anonymous

      i do think i’ve let it go, mostly – i’m not depressed, just sort of self-conscious…like i don’t want to call or text anyone because the second they see my name pop up on their phone they’ll think i’m in labor, and then i have to tell them (again) that i’m not.

      cohoosh herbs? never heard of that one – i’ve heard spicy foods and walking, mostly (got those covered: sriracha and a fourth-floor walkup).

      • Yep- I remember that- although I didn’t really think about it at the time, but no looking back I’m like- oh everytime I called were you like, “She’s in labor!?”.  I’ll email you!

  • I just had a friend who was 12 days late just this month. She was seriously starting to pull her hair out. Was doing all sorts of funny thing–eating special salad dressings and lasagna recipes rumored to make you go into labor, lots of hot and spicy foods, herbs, spinning at the gym, etc. He finally just came while she was relaxing about to watch a movie with her husband.

  • Fabamanda

    boo, the last week or so are the toughest (emotionally), in my opinion.  You have a good attitude about it and that’s 99% of the battle.  Keep your chin up!

  • Francine

    I was two weeks late with both my babies. Man, it sucked. But if I can give you one piece of advice — SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP. Get as much sleep as possible. Have naps. You, and your body, are going to need it in the weeks and months to come.

  • Anonymous

    Lool you know i came on the blog today just to check if you had the baby yet…… im glad you and the baby are healthy, that really is all that matters, as you said. =)

  • I totally remember this feeling and it was so, so hard to be patient. Thinking of you and wishing you well. You’re soooooo close!

  • Anonymous

    i have no personal experience to draw upon but am wishing you a healthy and happy birth and baby!

  • aw so excited for you!!! hang in there ! 🙂

  • MK

    Best wishes to you and your family.  So excited for you:)

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