Last Shot

I remember many, many months ago, before we found out we were expecting, reading a post of Alishan’s in which she said something along the lines of “I have been pregnant for 7,825,934 months, and I am done.” And back then, I was all, “Oh, when I’m pregnant I’ll never feel ready for it to be over…it’ll be such a magical time, I’ll never want it to end!”


Want it to end, thankyouverymuch.

The morning sickness that I recently discovered can reappear towards the end of a pregnancy (and there I went feeling all left out because I didn’t get it in the beginning) is less-than-fun, but mostly I’m eager to meet the little dude who’s been elbowing me and making weird shapes out of my stomach these past many weeks.

But you never know: this might be the only chance I ever get to experience pregnancy…and it is an extraordinary thing, so I’m trying to find ways to make the most of every remaining second. These are the last days that I can feel secure in the knowledge that my baby is totally safe, tucked away in a place where I know exactly how best to care for him, with every single one of his needs being met as soon as it arises.

And these are the last days that I’ll be able to enjoy this shape of mine, because enjoy it I do: I went from being someone who was totally perplexed by (and a little nervous about) all the crazy physical and emotional changes that a woman undergoes when she’s pregnant to being someone who thinks that pregnancy is…


the best.

And so there will be no sweatpants and flannel button-downs for me (well, not all the time, anyway). I’ve got only a week (maybe two) left, and I’m showing it off.

With a gold chain-link belt wrapped around my stomach.


That, OK, don’t fit exactly right, and most certainly aren’t anywhere close to buttoned…but did I ever imagine I’d be in the mood to wear snakeskin pants at nine (actually ten) months’ pregnant?

Never in a million years.

But in the mood I am!

And I think that’s just fabulous.

On me: H&M blazer, Kain Label tee, vintage chain-link belt, Zara pants, Camelot boots c/o Nine West, vintage bag, Double Wrap Watch c/o Sasha Rhett.

P.S. Today is Nine West Boot Day, and if you go here and enter the contest you’ll have a chance to win Nine West’s entire Fall Look Book. Which would obviously be the best thing ever.

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