Mad About Plaid

Cheesy post title; couldn’t help it. Because I am. Mad about it.

If you’ve been reading for awhile, you know that I wear plaid button-downs with just about everything, and really don’t care whether I’m headed to a fancy dinner or a BBQ – plaid just makes me happy enough that I’m A-OK with breaking it out on occasions for which it maybe isn’t exactly appropriate.

Anyway, there’s really no reason at all to spend a lot of money on a plaid shirt – I’ve found great ones in Old Navy, Forever 21, Bolton’s, vintage stores…everywhere. And if you’d like to go for an oversized look, check out the men’s department at places like American Eagle – I have a nefarious plan in the works to steal Kendrick’s pink one one of these days.

Some favorite styles:

Clockwise from top left: Aritzia Boyfriend Fit Flannel ($60; I own a hooded version of this in a white-and-red plaid and LOVE it); Filthy Magic Oversized Plaid ($67); Forever 21 Button Tab ($19.90); Aeropostale Aqua Plaid ($22); American Eagle Plaid ($29.99); Abercrombie Dessa ($24 on sale)

And some ways to wear ’em:

– With jeans and over-the-knee boots

With skinny black pants and heels

With a sparkly miniskirt and rugged flat boots

– Tucked into tailored shorts, with a belt and tights

– Open, layered over a tank and under a parka

– With lots and lots and lots of jewelry

– Tucked into a long skirt with a braided belt (make sure you choose one made with thinner fabric for this)

  • Hey Jordan — I’m wondering if you have any tips for plaid shirts that don’t fit right in the chest area. I love button-down plaid shirts, but the buttons in that area ALWAYS pop open… so annoying.

    Do you have any recommendations of brands that are a little roomier up top, while still fitted-ish (in a plaid shirt kind of way) throughout?

    • Anonymous

      good question! i personally just skip fitted button-downs altogether, since i like plaid shirts to have a relaxed boyfriend-fit anyway. that green one pictured above, for example, is the kind of thing i’d wear everyday, while the pink abercrombie one, while adorable, probably wouldn’t work on me.

      if you prefer a fitted top, i’d unbutton the problem buttons and wear a pretty, meant-to-be-seen tank or bralet underneath. you can also try hollywood tape (double-stick clothing tape), although i find that it bunches a bit. Another solution: sew a hidden hook-and-eye closure into the area that gaps.

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