Weekend Snapshots: Hurricane Edition

You know, I almost never have good dreams. They usually run the gamut from neutral-ish to straight-up apocalyptic (and sometimes even involve hallucinations…fun fun). But early on Saturday morning, I had such a good dream.

I was getting a sonogram, and in the dream that involved looking through a glass window, sort of like the penguin exhibit at the zoo. And the baby was in the dark, at the end of a long tunnel, sort of facing away, and ordinarily in my dreams this would be where things would go badly, and the baby would be revealed to be…I don’t know, Gollum or the stomach-monster in Alien or an ex-boyfriend or something. But when the light we shone through the glass played across his face he turned towards me and broke into a huge, beautiful smile, and then he came crawling towards me as fast as he could and got up on his knees and put his hands on the glass, looking out at me like he just couldn’t wait to get into my arms.

Such a good dream, and it kicked off such a good weekend.

I mean, sure, we were all in hunker-down-for-hurricane mode, and ended up going a bit stir-crazy as a result (said hurricane apparently passed over while we were dead asleep on Sunday morning; I think a tree limb batted against our window once or twice, making it more Adorable Kitten than Raging Tiger, as hurricanes go).

But hunker-down weekends are pretty much what I’m up for these days, and since we’d prepared for this one with all sorts of to-dos and delicious things laying around the house, it was great. And, in keeping with the theme of my dream, extremely baby-focused (we have just seven weeks to go, and my excitement level is somewhere up in the stratosphere).

Here’s Kendrick putting together our new swing/bouncy thing, with a little help from Lucy. We were originally going to register for this one (recommended to me by lovely mama Emphasis Added), but ended up going for a space-saving version that combines music, vibration and swinging, and is small enough to move easily around the apartment. (Thank you so much, Lindsay, Liz, and Tara – we love it!!)

And this happened (I told you Lucy loves bags…and this was apparently close enough to drive her into a tizzy). That’s called a Snap ‘n’ Go – the car seat snaps into the top, making it an affordable and lightweight alternative for transporting babies for about the first three months, after which you need to swap it out for something a little more substantial.

While Kendrick put various things together, I went into serious nesting mode and cleaned out drawers, organized closets, and removed every single speck of dust from every single accessible surface. And can I just say? These are the Sally Hansens following a vigorous cleaning session and ten days of living on the fingertips of a generally klutzy person prone to slamming fingers in drawers and such. Anyone else impressed?

(Sidenote: they were a bitch to get off, and my nails feel a little ratty in the aftermath, so I’m taking a couple of weeks’ hiatus before reapplying.)

During a break to watch Braveheart, I made brownies-in-a-box, and cooed over my new Fire King plates (I found the whole set for $7 at the flea market in Canada).

And on Sunday, we wandered around in Day After Tomorrowland looking for a spot that served brunch and surveying the damage (a felled tree or two – this one was outside the Scientology Celebrity Center – was about the extent of it).

Big Daddy’s is where we ended up. This thing was ridiculous.

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