Pajamas, Please

What I’m pretending this is: me hopping aboard the palazzo pants trend (albeit a few months late).

What this really is: an excuse to wear what are essentially pajama pants while wandering around the city in the daytime.

I’ve always had an affinity for pajamas-as-daytime-wear: in 9th grade, my best friend Arielle and I went through a phase where we wore men’s pinstriped PJ tops with ripped-up jeans nearly every day. And had we worn them with a bit more panache, this might have actually been a pretty cute look. But as it was, we just looked kinda straight-up disheveled: I even once had a couple of cops stop me for questioning because they saw me walking home past Port Authority wearing my go-to stylin’ sleepwear and thought that I was a runaway. (I cried; they called my mom.)

So that’s a roundabout way of saying that there is a way to make PJ-wear look OK for Day, and that was not it.

This, I think, is it.

OK For Day Sleepwear Tips:

– Choose fabrics with no bunnies or sheep anywhere in sight (like these incredible striped palazzo pants, which I picked up in Canada last week for just $14)

– Go for bold accessories, like an oversized purse and vintage-inspired jewelry.

– One piece at a time, please. And whichever half of your outfit isn’t PJ-inspired should be neat and clean: while that shirt I’m wearing is relaxed-fit and comfortable, it certainly isn’t anything I’d wear to bed.

– When the overall effect is this casual, I’d suggest putting a little extra effort into your hair and makeup: bedhead is lovely when you’re in a cocktail dress, but maybe a little less so when you could have arguably been laying between actual sheets moments earlier. (I’m not really practicing what I’m preaching re: hair in these photos, but that’s because Bedhead is my default setting, and it is hot hot hot in New York City right now.)

On me: Winner’s palazzo pants, American Vintage tee, vintage jewelry, Woven Circle crossbody c/o Foley & Corinna.

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