11 Sexiest Bathrooms In NYC

Beauty and Essex offers free champagne in the bathroom?


No, but…seriously? Why would anyone go anywhere else, ever?

You know, I can appreciate this whole thing as much as the next girl, but I have to say: when “sexy bathroom” concepts go wrong, they go really wrong. Example: I was in Vegas once at some club or another, and there was a wall of stalls along one side of the main room with clear-ish doors that frosted over and became opaque once you turned the latch…and let’s just say that as the night went on, increasing numbers of people forgot to lock them, and did all sorts of funny, odd, and illegal things in full view of the entire place. It was fantastically entertaining, but I was pretty thrilled to be on the other side of the doors.

But back to the article: I second the vote for The Standard (pictured above) – there’s always something interesting going on down in the co-ed hand-washing area – and would like to add an Honorable Mention for Marlow & Sons due to the presence of a candle that made me want to swan about in there for hours.

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