Boppy Solution

I own this:

It’s one of the purchases that I was most excited about making after finding out that I was pregnant. I have always secretly wanted an enormous full-body pillow, but felt like it was a sort of unnecessary and ridiculous expense. You really do get a similar effect with a couple of regular pillows (I mean, come on), and besides, I felt silly inviting something the size of an entire additional person into our bed.

But pregnancy provided a wonderful excuse to splurge, and I bought one wayyyy before it even began to be necessary (somewhere around week 9, I think).

And then it all went south.

The problem: we have a queen-sized bed, and the thing is really damn big. And hot. And acts as quite the obstacle course if, say, I need to get up in the middle of the night (which I do an average of SIX TIMES. You heard me right).


Chop chop.

And now I hug Big like he’s my brand-new boyfriend, and tuck Little under my right side in the event of back-sleeping.


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