Camping On My Mind

I want to go camping SO. BAD.

I’m pretty sure that it’s not a great idea – hard, flat surfaces aren’t sitting well with me lately – but I may give it a shot anyway, because I love spending a couple of evenings eating hamburgers in the woods so much that it may be worth a little back pain.

Now, I’m quite specific about the kind of camping I like, and the kinds of stuff I like to bring. For example, I prefer the presence of a relatively nearby bathroom to the totally rural thing, and insist upon the close proximity of a water source that offers rafting and tubing (we like the Delaware Water Gap for these reasons).

And with regards to packing: yes, yes, you need things like sleeping bags, and lanterns, and presumably a tent, and firewood…but it’s the fun little extras that I think make a night battling the bugs worthwhile.

In other words, these are My Kinda Camping Essentials:

Freixenet Champagne (delicious and cheap enough to drink in bulk while you “help set up the tent”)

Teva Mush sandals (great for river-rafting purposes if you’re similarly averse to mud and stones)

Jawbone JAMBOX (we have one that we use constantly, and my dad just bought one for an upcoming camping trip; these wireless speakers are THE BEST)

Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Hemp Pure-Castile Soap (smells great; can be used head-to-toe; vegan and biodegradable)

Retro webbed lawn chairs (I’m picking up a couple for our roof regardless of whether or not the camping thing happens)

Aerobie (obviously)

What’s your favorite totally unnecessary thing to bring camping?

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