Weekend Snapshots

Whenever we drive up to Maine, we try to leave some time for pit stops along the way. This time, we hit Cambridge just around 2PM, so we thought we’d stop in for lunch and to say hi to my old dorm (sort of pictured above). (For some my-college-experience stuff, click here.)

I Twitter-sourced for lunch spots, because a) a couple of my favorite places have closed at some point over the past ten years, and b) I mostly ate pizza in college. We thought about Daedalus (where I used to bartend, along with RedLine)…but Kim reminded me of the wonder that is Pinocchio’s, and so that’s where we went. While a student, I consumed that stuff around 2AM more often than not, but even sober: that’s some good pizza.

After a stop into the Coop, we went for ice cream at Lizzy’s, which is amazing. Apparently they’re famous for banana splits (which they serve in old-fashioned glass boats), but I constructed my own “minimalist” version with chocolate ice cream, homemade marshmallow topping, and bananas, and made orgasmic joy-sounds for the duration of consumption.

After driving through a crazy thunderstorm, we made it to Ogunquit and clear skies in time for steamers at Barnacle Billy’s.

I spotted these at a local shop, and would have bought one for the nursery (maybe not the Fast Girls! Fast Boats! one…but any of the others) if they weren’t $80. Cute, right?

Above, the remnants of the aforementioned storm. It’s actually been raining most of the time that we’ve been here, but that hasn’t mattered to us at all: I have plenty of sweatshirts with me, and blueberry pancakes taste even better when you’re feeling cozy.

The rain did stop long enough for us to go mini golfing…which, as you can see, I take quite seriously. This is not to say that I am good at it: I am very much not.

We spent the rest of the weekend walking around Kittery, hanging out in the whirlpool, taking lots of naps, and seeing Super 8 (loved it). And eating. A lot.

Here’s us at the best brunch spot in town, Amore Cafe.

They have BACON BELGIAN WAFFLES. Which is all you really need to know about the place.

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