Weekend Snapshots

I like these :).

I’ve been crashing a bit earlier than usual lately, which would ordinarily be sort of annoying…but now that the weather’s changing all that means is I bounce out of bed bright and early with an enormously long day ahead of me.

Friday night, we had a mini-dinner party with Stephen, Dave and Francesca (recipe for Asparagus Pesto Penne with Lemon-Pepper Chicken coming up), and I journeyed the ten feet home from S & D’s and fell straight asleep around 11PM…which had the happy effect of making us 100% on time for our 10AM train to Cold Spring the following morning.

On the way up, Kendrick introduced me to Tiny Wings. It reminded me of Lucy.

This is the Cold Spring Depot steak sandwich that I rhapsodized about previously. Seriously, it is SO GOOD. All it really is is a simply grilled shell steak, caramelized onions, and a soft bun…but it is totally worth attempting to replicate at home. Or just go to the Depot; that’s fun, too.

Next up: antiquing, sort of.

Really? Two of these exist in the world? …Really?

Obviously a must-have purchase. Who doesn’t need one of these in their life?

Not an antique, but how pretty are these Vera Bradley towels? (Buy some here.)

And speaking of Vera Bradley…major aww on this baby book.

Sunday we woke up at 7:30 (I can’t believe it, either) to take the dogs to an off-leash area at Central Park (open from 9PM-9AM daily…it’s just inside the 79th Street SE entrance).

It is dog heaven. Like, bounding puppies, grassy knolls, flowers and sun.

And, unfortunately, mud.

In the afternoon, we headed downtown to do some errands, and ended up splitting the biggest burrito I have ever seen at Mole. Post-enormous-burrito, we saw Limitless (I loved it, but I love all things Bradley Cooper) and took the black-and-white photos up top, and then went back home, where I ate more strawberries. I can’t stop.

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