The Trouble With Hats

So here’s the trouble with hats:

If you want to take one on a trip, this means that unless you are ninety-five years old and own a hatbox, you have to wear the thing while in transit.

And you will look ridiculous while traipsing through airports at five in the morning.

You may even want to hide your face.

(This, by the way, goes double for moving. I always end up carrying three things on my person during that final car trip to our new place: dogs – which now count as two things, I suppose – my dried and very delicate wedding bouquet, and all of my hats.)

There are, however, very good things about hats.

For example, I think that my H&M one, while very dorky, is also very fabulous, and my plan is to wear it constantly this summer.

Another good thing:

My party trick!


Hat Party Trick! from Jordan Reid on Vimeo.

(OK, maybe not the best trick in the world.)

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