Sriracha Salt / Easy, Tasty (& Pretty) DIY

Sriracha Salt / Easy, Tasty (& Pretty) DIY

I love fancy salts, and Kendrick loves Sriracha…so I thought I’d put the two together as a mini-present for him.

  • Meg

    sweet potato oven fries + sriracha mayo.

    • Anonymous


    • Jennifer Lawrence

      Think I am going to go make some right now!

    • Stephen Chudleigh


  • Alejandra Ramos

    Love this!

  • SaltyLass

    Brilliant combo and beautiful photography. Love it!

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  • Marloesser

    What kind of salt did you use? Rock, kosher or just regular table salt? Can’t wait to try this! My husband love sriracha, so he will love this!

    • Sara

      I found it on another website that said it came from the same cookbook and it said Kosher salt. Hope that helps!

      • Marlo

        It helps! Thank you!

  • Lunchladyland8

    Who doesn’t live sriracha?  Best tasting hot sauce by far.

  • Brooke Poeppel

    What an amazing idea! I am definitely going to have to try this.

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  • Natalie Houston

    I wonder if you could bake it on a low temp to have it finished in the same day?

    • Vicki Atkinson

      Did the oven trick work?

  • e. jean

    YUM! I had this recipe “pinned”  for the longest time, & didn’t make any until this weekend. The hubs loved it so much, I decided to try making some salt with Tabasco Chipotlé sauce. AWESOME! 

  • Mollylollis

    I did this, at 100 degrees for a few hours. It really sped it up!

  • Gmelgares

    Hi! Nice blog! One question, what kind of license do you use? I mean if I can borrow the sriracha picture (mentioning you of course) for a post in my food blog. Thanks in advance!

    • jordanreid

      Hi! I appreciate a credit, that’s all – feel free to use the photo, and thanks so much for getting in touch :)

      • Gmelgares

        Thank you so much! It will be posted in a few days on // Regards!

  • Kelly

    get out- this is fantastic! great idea!

  • Chris

    i like those jars, where did you buy them from?

    • Jen

      I like the jars too. Did you find out where it’s from?

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  • Debbi

    Did anyone ever tell you where they got the jars? I saw several people asked, but I never saw an answer.

    • jordanreid

      The jars are from a brand called “Artisan Salt” – they were empty, so I just reused them (you can either take off the labels with warm water or just do what I did, which is paste on your own label right over theirs :).

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