Winter Sun

This is not what I wore on New Year’s Eve.

I wore a cozy button-down, a fringed and sequined miniskirt ($12.99 at a random store on 86th), and…ok, I did actually wear those boots. New Year’s Eve involved happy hour at a Mexican restaurant and a home-cooked meal; it didn’t exactly call for ball gowns and pearls.

This outfit? This is just what I wish I’d worn.

There’s no reason whatsoever why you can’t wear bright, summery colors on snowy evenings; all you have to do is up the intensity of your accessories and add a couple of elements that are 100% winter, like a faux-fur vest and red lipstick. I also considered adding a slim black turtleneck under the dress for extra coverage; it’d be a great addition for a slightly less formal occasion. And I love the idea of wearing rugged footwear with an otherwise glamorous, girly ensemble…if you’re not into evening gowns with Hunters, try a chunky ankle boot in navy or wine.

One note about hair and makeup: you may have noticed that I’m much more comfortable in casual stuff, so whenever the situation calls for a fancy outfit I like to take it down a notch by keeping my hair super-simple (here, I just blew it out to give it volume and pulled it into a bun, leaving the ends loose). I also think that in the winter there’s nothing more striking than a perfect red lip paired with a simple eye (just a sweep of gold powder shadow, a touch of black liquid eyeliner, and mascara).

On me:

Betsey Johnson gown (purchased for $60 at a sample sale last year); TJ Maxx faux-fur vest ($12.99); Hunter rainboots, vintage earrings, Gerard Yosca necklace* ($49 on sale; worn as bracelet); MAC Russian Red lipstick.

Get the look:

Clockwise from top leftForever 21 Faux Fur Zipper Vest ($29.99); Laundry by Shelli Segal floor-length silk gown (on sale for $40; I’ve tried this dress on in cobalt before – it wasn’t on sale at the time, but I very nearly bought it for full-price because it fits like a dream); Forever 21 Pearlescent Bangles ($7.80); MAC Russian Red Lipstick $14.50); Danielle Stevens Crystal Vintage Earrings ($60); Dollhouse Burkenna Ankle Boot ($32.97 on sale).

P.S. Took these pictures myself! LOVE my new remote :).

*Product sample generously provided by manufacturer.

  • Dee

    Obsessed w/ this look – love the photos of you in the snow!

    • jordanreid

      thank you much!

  • Jessamyn

    I really find this look awkward. And I beg you to print an opposing viewpoint.

    • jordanreid

      i always print on-topic opposing viewpoints – just not personal attacks.

    • jordanreid

      no need to beg. i always print on-topic opposing viewpoints – just not personal attacks.

      • Jessamyn

        what i wrote you that you won't post was not a personal attack. it was hopefully educational for you and some of your readers: fashionable people may look like they just “throw things together” in ways that might seem unpredictable and surprising. this just doesn't look it. it seems thoughtless in many ways. I was inviting you to explain. or offering your differing viewpoint. otherwise i should post my 4 yr old's random play dressup getups as high fashion with links for where to buy. sigh.

        • jordanreid

          it sure was, but let's move on, because you've brought up an interesting point here. i think the idea of posting a 4-year-olds random dress-up outfits as high fashion and breaking them down with links is HYSTERICAL (seriously, someone should do that) because I agree with you that fashion has gone in the direction of 'oh look, i threw together this craaaaazy thing isn't it FABULOUS?!' i suppose that started with the olsens…but i also feel like there's been a backlash to that lately with the retro, ladylike looks that have been all over the runways. to me this outfit is simply my way of winterizing a summer gown with weather-appropriate (if weird) footwear and a furry vest – this is just how i think it'd be fun to wear it – but in a larger sense, i see what you're getting at. do you have any suggestions for how to achieve a look like that? or, i guess more topically, how would you wear this dress in the winter? i'd love some more ideas – because i really do love it, and don't wear it nearly enough.

          • Kristen

            This is hilarious because now there really is a 4 year old named Mayhem who creates dress up outfits out of paper, and it just landed her a job at J Crew!

        • Mishka

          @jessamyn: it seemed like you were saying jordan wasn't going to post your comment b/c it is an opposing viewpoint, therefore you were “begging” her to post it.

          how you think your comment is “educational” and why anyone would need to explain themselves for an outfit they wore is beyond me. but then again, i'm a reasonable person and you kind of don't seem like you are. have a nice day!

    • You also attacked Jessica over at What I Wore in the comments the other day. Maybe you have some issues to address.

  • Francesca :)

    Beautiful pics!! Love the outfit, love the colors….

    • jordanreid

      thank you 🙂

  • Mishka

    Jordan —

    interesting pairings and cool pictures! — I found myself quite drawn to faux fur recently but didn't go for it at the last minute.

    So, umm, ever since you posted your hunters in this post:…/

    I've been obsessively looking for fur-lined hunters and haven't found them anywhere. In light of this photoshoot, my hopes are high that they're just thick socks that you're wearing in the first post? If this is the case, would you mind sharing what brand/where did you get them?

    off-topic here but not in general — you've reignited my love of my slow cooker. I've made chicken soup and beef stew in the last week. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • jordanreid

      hey there! hunter actually sells fleece and knit liners that slide into the boots.
      i bought the knit ones in navy for $40:
      and here's a link the fleece ones ($30):
      they add a lot of warmth; highly recommended.
      so glad you're enjoying the slow cooker!

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  • bella lou

    Remote? You took these with a remote? That's awesome. I must have! Please provide details about how I can get one of those for my camera?

  • Iggiher

    I'm always intrigued with the use of yellow. I have such a hard time wearing yellow, but always am drawn to it. Thanks for the interesting pairing.

    I, too, love to wear my boots with things that are girly to change up the look.

    Thanks for your ideas.

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    send the snow to texas, and the dress, and I’ll wear it with boots and maybe a leather jacket. <3